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Working in Partnership

The information contained on the following pages is directed only at persons who are "professional clients" for the purposes of the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and should only be accessed by such persons. If you are in any doubt as to your classification, you should not proceed. By clicking here you confirm that you are a "professional client".


Volare FAQs

Who is the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) for the Volare funds?

The ACD for the Volare fund range is Fund Partners. Authorised and Rregulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Fund Partners has the regulatory responsibility for the compliant operation of the Volare funds. They are wholly independent and provide the administration and oversight capability for all the funds.

What is the legal structure of the Volare funds? (e.g. OEIC/SICAV)

The Volare range funds are OEICs.

Where are the funds domiciled and registered?

The funds are domiciled and registered in the UK.

Do the Volare funds offer both Accumulation and Income units?

The Volare core funds (Cautious, Balanced, Growth) are available in accumulation units. The Volare Strategic Income fund is available in income units.

In terms of your clients tax position how are the Volare funds classified (i.e.) dividend paying or interest paying?

All the Volare funds are "dividend" paying. Please note that the Volare Cautious, Balanced and Growth funds do not make any actual distributions of income as they are invested in accumulation units only.

How does the Volare Strategic Income fund pay an income to its unit holders?

This fund is invested in income units and will distribute income on a quarterly basis to unit holders.

What is the minimum investment size for investing in the Volare funds?

The minimum investment size is £1,000, which applies to any initial as well as any additional investment. However, for the platforms and fund supermarkets listed this minimum investment has been waived.

Where can I obtain further information on the Volare fund range?

Please contact your LGT Vestra Business Development Director who will be able to supply all the necessary information including factsheets and a full breakdown of the funds.

Alternatively, please email or call +44(0) 203 207 8003 to contact the fund management team.