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LGT Vestra

Working in Partnership

The information contained on the following pages is directed only at persons who are "professional clients" for the purposes of the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and should only be accessed by such persons. If you are in any doubt as to your classification, you should not proceed. By clicking here you confirm that you are a "professional client".


Supplementary Services

Ethical Portfolios:

As part of our wider bespoke proposition we are proud to be able to offer investment portfolios specifically designed to meet your client’s ethical requirements. As part of this service we utilise an “Ethical Screening Service” which enables us to screen any potential investments that conflict with your clients chosen set of criteria.

LGT Vestra US:

Planning for individuals who are US persons can be incredibly complex. By accessing the services of LGT Vestra US, we can provide for your US connected clients a range of Model and Bespoke Portfolio solutions that are managed in strict accordance with US tax legislation and reporting requirements.

Offshore Model Portfolios (Jersey):

We offer a suite of 18 Model Portfolios denominated in sterling, euro and US dollars. The Offshore Model Portfolios are managed from and custodied in Jersey, but can also be custodied on a select range of external platforms. Like our onshore Model Portfolios, they are not linked to any specific market benchmark. This service is attractive for clients wanting their investments custodied outside of the UK and in a very cost effective manner.


We work with Trustees and Trustee investments to provide expert input in deciding and reviewing the Trustee’s investment strategy. We provide proactive assistance to the Trustees in the effective management of investment risk in the portfolio and have expertise in the management of both UK and non-UK trusts including Discretionary, Interest in Possession and Bare Trusts.

Pension Schemes:

We work with the scheme Trustees and their professional advisers to review the scheme’s Statement of Investment Principles. We then shape and manage bespoke investment portfolios that reflect the scheme’s particular needs taking into account its current and future liabilities, the appetite for risk, capacity for loss and the strength of the employer covenant. We offer a highly personalised service: building a close working relationship with both the Trustees and their other advisers and providing tailored clear reporting for all appropriate parties. Our fees for this service are both clear and competitive.