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LGT Vestra

In dealing with clients who live outside of the UK or who are domiciled outside of the UK, we recognised that we needed to have a capability to provide the services to those clients. We recognised the high standards of the Jersey authorities and decided to establish a wholly owned subsidiary in 2008. Since then, the team has grown in number following the addition of long standing experienced investment managers, who are well known and respected in the local market.

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Our clients can choose how much involvement they have with the management of their investment portfolios:

Beyond the UK

Discretionary Portfolio

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service is appropriate for clients who wish to delegate all investment decisions to us. Our investment process defines the structuring of these portfolios, with the day to day management looked after by each client’s investment manager.


Our Advisory portfolio management service is for clients who wish to become more involved with the investment strategy and with all decisions made on their portfolio. The investment manager will have an understanding of each client’s objectives and levels of risk, and will communicate investment ideas to meet these objectives. However, no transactions will be executed without the prior agreement and instruction from the client.

Private Client Broking

We understand that each person has their own unique financial goals and circumstances. With that in mind, our highly experienced team of private client stockbrokers provide a professional and bespoke advisory and execution investment service, advising on a diverse range of securities listed on most of the world’s main stock and bond markets.