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LGT Vestra

Your portfolio is as individual as you.

Our approach is simple: unbiased advice, based on what you want to achieve with the level of risk you want to take. We take time to understand you and your investment requirements, and build a portfolio around your specific needs. That’s why every LGT Vestra portfolio is unique.

The way we build portfolios is guided by a set of key principles.

One of a kind

Our clients’ interests drive everything we do

We don’t manufacture and sell in-house products. We don’t have product sales targets. Our advice is aligned to nobody’s interests but your own.

We do not invest in anything we do not believe in

Our rigorous investment process means if we feel unsure about an investment we simply won’t invest in it.

Our advice is based on research

Our research team always takes time to thoroughly understand investments before we recommend them.

No complacency

We always try to deliver the service you require. If we do not meet your service expectations then we do not deserve to retain you as a client.