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LGT Vestra

Working in Partnership

The information contained on the following pages is directed only at persons who are "professional clients" for the purposes of the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and should only be accessed by such persons. If you are in any doubt as to your classification, you should not proceed. By clicking here you confirm that you are a "professional client".


Volare Multi-Asset Funds

Volare is Latin for “to fly” and reflects your clients’ financial aspirations and goals.

The Volare Funds are a range of multi-asset funds that invest in a blend of active managers and passive investments. Our objective is to create an “all-weather” investment solution that performs in all markets by focusing on controlling the downside risk in the portfolios in order to produce a risk-adjusted compound rate of return over time.

The Volare Funds are run to the same target matrix as the Model Portfolio Service (MPS) allowing you to match clients to their risk profile.

This gives you the ability to recommend the LGT Vestra MPS expertise and investment process to your clients through a single fund where you deem this to be most suitable.

Why Volare?

  • Help consolidate your client’s existing investments into a suitable diversified strategy
  • Remove ‘single manager’ risk by investing in a range of funds
  • Give your client confidence that we will have the right mix of assets based on their longer-term objectives and risk tolerance
  • Benefit from regular tactical re-balancing of the underlying fund portfolio based on prevailing market conditions
  • Act as a core holding for your client that underpins your financial planning with a suitably diversified strategy

Click here to view the targets and risk mapping for the Volare Funds