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Women in Finance Charter

We believe that a positive work environment is created through diversity, inclusion and equality.

We are proud to be a signatory of HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter. In signing the Charter, we endorse the aspiration to achieve greater gender balance across all areas of our business. Through this pledge, we are committed to improving equality and fairness in the financial services industry.

We recognise the importance of embracing diversity and believe this leads to innovative ideas, increased productivity and higher levels of service.

Over the past 12 months we have hired 71 people into the firm, of which 35% have been female.  We are also pleased to share there has been a 50/50 gender split in the 18 entry level roles we have filled in the past 12 months.

As part of our restructure, we ensure the principles of the Charter are kept at the forefront of our decisions, and as such there has been a slight increase in female leaders at senior management level.

We continue to make progress on all three of our Women in Finance targets, which we established in 2018 and remain committed to exceeding these targets within the suggested timeframe.

Our commitment

We fully support the diversity initiatives introduced by the Women in Finance Charter. Our commitment to the Charter will be measured by the following targets that we have set for ourselves to be achieved by December 2022:


  • 30% of women in senior management
  • 40% of women across the business
  • 50/50 gender balance for all entry level hires

The Charter

The Women in Finance Charter commits financial services firms across the United Kingdom to harnessing the talents of women and supporting their progression into senior management.

The Charter was developed following a report, by HM Treasury and Jayne-Anne Gadhia CBE, about improving gender equality in the financial services industry. Click here to read the report.

Women in Finance Charter is a pledge for gender balance and diversity across financial services. Over 270 signatory firms have made the commitment to work together to implement key actions to build a balanced and fair industry.

For more information about the Charter, please click here.