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Working with The Fore

The Fore are experienced in knowing where funding is needed. We trust them to make informed decisions on distributing funding where it will have the greatest impact.

We are delighted to support The Fore Trust, and their work with innovative small charities and social enterprises that provide fresh solutions to pressing social issues. The Fore is a seed funder for nonprofits, providing grants and sourcing financial and professional expertise. The Fore has a comprehensive panel process to decide where funding should be allocated. 


RAFT Immediate Response 

In early April, The Fore launched RAFT; the Rapid Action by the Fore and Trusts emergency fund, providing funding and pro bono support to help charities navigate the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The situation meant that charities, who typically live 'hand to mouth', needed support in order to remain viable. The Fore have access to a network of charities and are able to complete a level of due diligence quickly, so were equipped to release the £5,000 grants to where the need was greatest. Many charities were seeing an increase in demand for their services and they needed to adapt their delivery due to government restrictions. They were also impacted by the loss of fundraising events and business income generating streams.

RAFT Transition

The positive impact of the RAFT fund has led to the development of the RAFT Transition Fund; the second phase of RAFT to help charities plan for the longer term. The RAFT Transition fund will offer grants of up to £15,000 to help high-impact small charities and social enterprises recover from the crisis, move towards becoming sustainable, and react to the 'new' normal world and changing needs of their beneficiaries. Any registered charity or social enterprise with an annual income of under £500,000 can apply.

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Our commitment

We have chosen to partner with the Fore to ensure the money we raise will reach those who need it most. In addition to financial donations, RAFT are looking for skilled professionals to help charities with finance, HR, marketing and communications, business strategy and administrative support. We encourage our people to volunteer their time and skills where possible, and have representatives sitting on RAFT funding panels.

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