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Diversity and Inclusion

We aim to create a diverse and inclusive work environment for all of our staff.

As a business, we have an obligation to make our own contribution toward a society worth living in. This begins with providing a positive environment and culture for our staff.

We have a responsibility to give our staff equal opportunities to succeed both personally and professionally. Our goal is to provide surroundings where individuals can expect to be treated with respect and feel included. Through our initiatives, we aspire to develop a culture that encourages diversity, maintains wellbeing, challenges perceptions and encourages development.

Diversity iceberg

We are focused on providing a diverse and inclusive environment, where our people understand their value. We value the importance of visible diversity as much as invisible diversity.

Women in Finance Charter

Gender Pay Gap Report

Happiness and wellbeing

We aim to provide long term value for employees.

The happiness and wellbeing of our staff is an integral part to the long term success of the business.

We want to ensure our staff enjoy being a part of LGT Vestra and aim to improve their wellbeing through our Enrich programme and internal social committee.

Changing perceptions

We seek to challenge perceptions of the financial services industry and champion policy changes.

We work with Enabling Enterprise to develop skills in young students from inner city schools.

We challenged the norm of the paternity policy. Now, we offer four weeks to new fathers.

In our recruitment process, we aim for a diverse pool of applicants in every role and require a 50/50 gender split for all entry level positions.

Role models

We are committed to engaging and developing talent early. Through internships, apprenticeships and mentoring programmes, we provide insight to young people seeking a future in the financial services industry.

The focus of our charity work this year has been with The Prince's Trust. We work closely with this charity to mentor young people, helping to build their confidence and develop key workplace skills.





Signed the Women in Finance Charter


Extended the paternity leave to offer four weeks of leave for new fathers


Introduced our Enrich wellbeing initiative for our staff