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Skills Builder Partnership

Building skills for the future

The Skills Builder Partnership

As part of our commitment to engaging with and developing talent early, we have been working with The Skills Builder Partnership for several years now to ensure that young people can build essential skills for the future. 

About the Skills Builder partnership

Skills Builder brings together educators, employers and organisations with a shared vision to equip young people with the necessary skills to succeed. Skills Builder works with primary, secondary and special educational needs schools across the country to embed eight essential skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork and positive thinking, into the national curriculum. Each year LGT Vestra finances this programme for 10 schools across the UK.

The approach has had a proven impact: students who have participated in the programme have made 62% more progress on the development of these skills than students not on the programme.

Through our partnership with Skills Builder, along with financial support, we host regular trips for local schools to bring to life these essential skills in a workplace setting. Even during the pandemic, we have presented virtual workshops to ensure that students continue to gain insight into the world of financial services.

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We are pleased to announce the renewal of our partnership for 2020/2021.

This video looks back at some of the successes of the past year and the importance of overcoming challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic by introducing home-learning and virtual teacher training.