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TEDxZurich: inspirational and innovative ideas

Innovation, thinking ahead and acting with foresight are not only key factors for companies, but also for society as a whole: they help to overcome current and future challenges. At the TEDxZurich conference, visitors will learn about a number of particularly creative ideas and become familiar with innovative people. LGT is supporting this platform as a sponsor.

Well-known people such as Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Richard Branson have stood on the various TED stages around the world. Under the motto "ideas worth spreading", some of the world’s best speakers and most renowned thinkers have presented their thoughts and ideas on the TED stage. Many of these short, inspiring presentations are then made available free of charge at, and often go on to spread rapidly across the internet. 

At the TEDxZurich technology and ideas conference, local professors, CEOs but also globetrotters will be taking the stage. They all have one common objective: to explain and disseminate their bright ideas and concepts for a better future during a short, inspiring presentation.

TEDxZurich is being organised by TED fans in Zurich. They want to bring the concept of the non-profit TED organisation (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) from the US to their home town.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the speakers.

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TEDxZurich meets Formula E: 7 June 2018

Today it is hard to imagine how people once marvelled at the first steam locomotive, as self-driving cars, water and air taxis and drones seem to become part of our reality. It is time to talk about the impact of transportation on society.

TEDxZurich would like to initiate this dialogue with the TEDxSalon "What moves us" on Thursday, 7 June 2018. The event will take place as part of the eDays, the official supporting programme for the Formula E race in Zurich. Various speakers will present their ideas, visions and projects before they are discussed in the plenary session.

Further information on the programme and applications:

Heinrich Henckel, CEO LGT Bank Switzerland

"TEDxZurich offers an excellent platform for the inspired minds of today. With their innovative ideas, they provide new stimuli and identify solutions for mastering society’s challenges. I am very pleased to be supporting this platform."

Heinrich Henckel, CEO LGT Bank Switzerland