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21-Feb-2019 15:08:00

LGT Beacon: Staying the course after a very good start

The year-to-date risk rally is the strongest in a decade. The Federal Reserve's recent decision to pause, if not reverse, monetary tightening should help markets and inflation expectations to recover further. However, after having strategically raised our equity quota in December, we refrain from chasing prices higher. Instead, we rebalance equities back to neutral.

02-Apr-2019 14:08:00

LGT Beacon: Tactical asset allocation for Q2/2019

Risk asset prices rebounded strongly over the past quarter following a US-led dovish shift in the monetary policy outlook, but economic growth continues to decelerate and bond markets are signaling an increased risk of looming recessions. We stay neutral in equities and add exposure to fixed income segments that we view as fundamentally attractive.

09-May-2019 14:08:00

LGT Beacon: Supportive economics, challenging geopolitics

Last fall, investors feared the US could be sliding toward a recession by this time of the year. In the meantime, the Federal Reserve has eased its policy stance, the US economy has remained rather strong, and global growth is stabilizing. These factors should ultimately outweigh the risks emanating from the contentious Sino-American trade dispute.