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20-Aug-2019 15:08:00

LGT Beacon: Staying calm and acting counter-cyclically

August brought a monetary policy disappointment and revived Sino-American trade tensions, triggering a global pullback in risk assets. In late July, near the markets' top, we had trimmed US equities and increased our gold position. More recently, we bought Japanese equities, after our counter-cyclical investment rules produced a buy signal for that market.

31-Mar-2020 13:30:00

LGT Beacon: Tactical asset allocation for Q2/2020

The spread of the Coronavirus outbreak beyond East Asia triggered turmoil in financial markets and prompted authorities around the world to combine severe restrictions on public life with unprecedented economic support measures. As the pandemic persists, we opted to de-risk portfolios, while remaining attentive to emerging long-term opportunities.   

30-Apr-2020 11:00:00

LGT Beacon: Navigating the Great Lockdown

The US response to the pandemic is comparable only to the World War II era, when the central bank and the treasury cooperated to ensure the government could fund whatever it needed, for as long as necessary. While uncertainties and risks related to the pandemic remain high, investors have started to take the potential impact of these policies more seriously.  

28-May-2020 10:00:00

LGT Beacon: The risks have titled to the upside

Authorities around the world have started to reopen their economies and borders. Risk markets, after consolidating the strongest rebound in recorded history for about a month, have begun to perk up again recently. While uncertainties about the outlook remain, investors should also not ignore the chances that a new major bull market may be in the making.