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16-Jan-2019 08:30:00

LGT Navigator: May faces no confidence vote after defeat

Yesterday evening the British Parliament rejected the Brexit agreement negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May with the EU by a large majority (432 votes to 202). EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker believes that the rejection of the Brexit treaty in the British House of Commons has increased the danger of a "disorderly withdrawal" without an agreement. The EU Commission will now continue preparations for a "No-Deal-Brexit", Juncker commented. Immediately after the vote, the Labour Party asked for a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister May. The vote will take place today. If May loses the vote of no confidence, this could lead to resignation and the formation of a new government or new elections.

03-Jan-2019 08:44:00

LGT Navigator: December worst month for US economy since 2009

Although the last trading days of December saw a recovery, the month was the worst for the US S&P 500 index since the 2009 financial crisis. This was similar, albeit less accentuated in other markets around the globe. Despite the recent recovery, concerns about future economic and earnings growth still dominate the markets and are globally reflected in recent PMI figures.

07-Jan-2019 08:44:00

LGT Navigator: Powell emphasizes flexibility and independence

In Asia, the majority of stock exchanges started the first full trading week of the current year after the rally on Wall Street on Friday with strong price gains. In view of the uncertainties surrounding the Fed's future path, the US labor market report attracted a great deal of attention. At the same time, US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signaled flexibility in interest rate policy and at-tempted to dispel concerns about a too tight course.

08-Jan-2019 08:30:00

LGT Navigator: New approach to resolving trade conflict

Asia's stock markets were not able to find a clear direction today as investors await the results of new trading talks between the US and China. US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is currently conducting the first direct trade talks in Beijing since US President Donald Trump and China's leader Xi Jinping agreed on a 90-day "ceasefire" at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.

10-Jan-2019 08:30:00

LGT Navigator: Fed emphasizes more cautious course

Hopes that the trade dispute between the US and China will soon end have been dashed for the time being, since the talks in Beijing have so far failed to produce any concrete results. On the other hand, investors are likely to take a positive view of the Fed's cautious interest rate outlook. In its minutes of the last monetary policy decision of 19 December 2018 published yesterday evening, the US Federal Reserve signaled a more cautious monetary policy stance.

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