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27-May-2021 13:29:00 | LGT Vestra News

UK Tax, Savings and Pensions

Swaati Taylor and Charles Benson from our Wealth Planning team explore several of the core wrappers available in the UK savings space, as well as discussing the Personal Allowance tax trap and how pension contributions impact more than just savings.

27-Apr-2021 13:29:53 | LGT Vestra News

The investment landscape: Q1 2021

An overview of the markets during Q1 2021, followed by a live Q&A with our asset class experts.

23-Apr-2021 18:41:00 | LGT Vestra News

Fairstone LGT Vestra model portfolios

Fairstone and LGT Vestra discuss the model portfolio service and due diligence process. 

25-Mar-2021 10:00:00 | LGT Vestra News | LGT Vestra Blog

A case for sustainable investing

Our Head of Sustainable Investing, Phoebe Stone, outlines the sustainability challenges we face as a global community and how investing can play an important part in promoting a more sustainable future.  

09-Feb-2021 19:12:00 | LGT Vestra News

LGT Vestra is a "Great Place to Work"

LGT Vestra, the UK-based wealth management firm, has been designated a "Great Place to Work" by the renowned institute of the same name.

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