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Are equities overvalued?

12 February 2015

In this issue of "Investorama", we try to specify if equities are overvalued. Meanwhile, in the Interview we explain why sustainable investments have no cause to shun comparison with traditional investments. The LGT investor magazine keeps you fully up to date with developments on the financial markets and to present you our investment views.

The stock markets have staged a sensational recovery since the 2008/2009 financial crisis, even though many countries have posted a mediocre fundamental economic development and the main structural problems have not been addressed. Is it just the central banks, with their unprecedented expansionary monetary policy, that have kept the party going? Are equities overvalued? The short answer is no!

Thinking in terms of generations

Sustainable investment is based on factors such as good corporate governance, environmental management and social responsibility. How this can be incorporated with a profound financial analysis and how investors can benefit from it, is laid out in an interview with Ursula Finsterwald, Group Sustainability Manager at LGT.

Our money tale is all about the commerical utilization of solar energy which has a tradition dating back far beyond the invention of the solar cell.  What does 30000 have to do with the sun? Read "The number" to find out more...

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