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LGT Young Soloists: Viva la vida!.

14 April 2020

Talented young musicians from all over the world playing together while practicing at home. Just enjoy and forget COVID-19 for a few minutes with "Viva la Vida".

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In recent weeks, a lot has changed for the young musicians of LGT Young Soloists, too. Instead of practicing and giving concerts together, they have no choice at the moment but to practice by themselves at home. Thanks to modern communication possibilities, however, their music is still finding its way out of their homes and into the world – and right up to us.

With "Viva la vida", the LGT Young Soloists have chosen just the right piece for the current situation. It reminds us that even in difficult times we should not forget the good sides of life.

We wish you good entertainment with the LGT Young Soloists.