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Portfolio of Thoughts

Everyone has different motivations and priorities in life, all of which will have a bearing on their financial decisions. In a world where there is a tendency for the wealth management industry to focus on financial and technical facts, we, at LGT Vestra, believe that understanding clients’ non financial values, thoughts and concerns are equally as important and should be at the forefront of clients’ discussions with wealth managers.

Understanding the client’s emotional and personal values will enable us to provide a better quality of overall advice in the structuring of their financial affairs. To gain this understanding, a wider and deeper range of questions need to be posed than is often the case. The answers to those questions need to be considered in a way which ensures that both the wealth manager and client are able to apply proper thought to the broad range of issues which can impact the management of their family and financial affairs.

Our partnership with The School of Life has led to the creation of ‘A Portfolio of Thoughts’, a series of philosophical essays which explore 12 important life areas. The School of Life is dedicated to exploring life’s big questions and we see this as a conduit to developing a deeper understanding of the issues that drive attitudes to wealth.

Written by leading philosophers and authors, ‘A Portfolio of Thoughts’ provides a stimulating collection of essays as we seek to explore the relationship between philosophy and business.

We believe that, along with our core principle of providing advice in a transparent and impartial manner, our partnership with The School of Life will help us and many of our clients reach a better understanding of their future wealth planning needs in order to better enjoy their wealth.