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Succession Sustainable Model Portfolios

LGT Vestra is delighted to have been appointed as discretionary investment partner for the Succession Sustainable portfolios. These portfolios, available on a range of third party platforms including the Succession platform, provide Succession wealth planners with an investment solution for clients that prioritises both our planet, and strong investment returns.

Implementing a positive approach

When making investment decisions for the sustainable portfolios, we seek to exclude companies, via the funds chosen for investment, whose activities we deem to be controversial. We aim to invest in those that mitigate their risk by having a strong focus on the environment, society and good governance, and alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN SDGs are a universal call to action, signed by United Nations Member States in 2015. The goals aim to improve the world, through encouraging collaboration and innovation with purpose to create a world without poverty, a healthier planet, and a just, peaceful society.

Source: "UN Sustainable Development Goals" published by UN PRI as at November 2017.

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A combination of approaches

Sustainability is a long-term force for change in markets, countries and companies. The investment landscape has evolved in recent years and a more progressive, integrated approach has developed. When we make investment decisions, we eliminate certain industries (responsible investing), we prioritise sustainable practices (sustainable investing) and we invest in positive impact (impactful investing). We believe there is power in all three approaches and combine these to achieve a shared investment goal.

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